A beginner’s guide to participation in Majime main crowdsale

This is all you need to know:procedure and major simultaneous precautions..

Following is the step by step procedure as well as precautions needed to participate in majime main crowdsale


  • The first and foremost step while participating in any Crowdsale is to read the company Whitepaper, FAQs and all the terms and conditions mentioned on the company website. This is the foundation of your participation in the crowdsale and should be on your priority list. Please find a link to our company website majime.org
  • login to the MAJIME ICO portal; confirm if your KYC is accepted(make sure you double check the information you provided in KYC).
  • You should have a clear idea about the amount in ethers you would like to invest.
  • After having confirmed your KYC Details, log into the portal and agree to the terms and conditions of the MAJIME Token Sale.
  • After this, you will be provided with the designated recipient address for purchasing Majime token in late hours before the start of the crowdsale.
  • Now is the time to transfer ethers from your ethereum address mentioned in your KYC to the designated recipient address generated in the above step. Any wallet portal such as metamask, my ether wallet etc can be used for this purpose.
  • While adding the recipient address, make sure that you reassure yourself about the accuracy of the address. Once sent, you cannot undo the done.
  • Also ensure that you only trust the recipient address generated in the above steps. Any sort of email received in the name of Majime regarding recipient address information should not be trusted as there are a lot of deceivers out there impersonating Majime.
  • Gas limit is advised to be set high.The gas needed for the transaction shall remain independent from the gas limit set.
  • Incase the gas needed is more than the limit set, the transaction shall fail automatically. Incase of transaction failure, the gas burns and imposes an additional transaction fee relative to a successful transaction.
  • Gas price depends on various factors. For example- the number of miners involved , blockchain traffic etc Although the time taken for the transaction to complete decreases with the increase in gas price, it is important not to forget that the cost in ethers increases as well. Also, third party websites like https://ethgasstation.info/ might help you with the optimal gas price to be used.
  • (actual gas consumed) x (gas price in GWei)/1,000,000,000 is the overall cost you incur in transactions and you need to make sure your account have enough balance to cover this cost. Another thing you should be aware about is the way your wallet behaves. Some wallets deduct the transaction or gas cost and send only the remaining amount to the recipient address. If your wallet behaves this way, make sure your calculation is right and you increase the amount accordingly.
  • Transactions taking place once the hard cap is reached will fail. So you always need to cross check if the hard cap is reached. What you can do for this is simply go on https://majime.org/ to check.
  • Now one important thing is to set the transaction amount in ethers which can be anything up to 18 decimal places provided it is not below the minimum amount required for the transaction to happen.
  • Once the transaction completes successfully and your ethers are sent to the recipient address, they get credited to majime’s account. You will get Maji token in the token distribution period.
  • Having done this, you need to verify if the required number of majime tokens have been credited to your account. Follow the following steps given on (majime websites FAQ link) This will show the cumulative majime tokens credited to the participant.


A guide to adding MAJI to your wallet after token distribution has been attached for your reference. You are advised to carefully follow the procedure. 

MAJI Token Guide

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