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The blockchain is nothing less than an extinction-level event for the traditional firm. The boundaries, activities, clients, workers and the mediating infrastructure all are going to reborn. Outsourcing, the silver bullet of value creation, and cost saving for firms are dying. Firms lack collaboration with external stakeholders which is killing value creating opportunity. Firms are not able to access the best talent and the pristine methods of hierarchy, role and hiring are too costly in time and money.

Decentralized Platform for Work

This Firms need to open up. They need tools to collaborate. They need a secure exchange of data and capture its value with sharing of responsibility. They need vested contracts to complete rule-based work. Firms want work to get completed faster and lesser cost with on unified service platform where any type of talent is available.

On the other side, Workers need the best pay for work. They want freedom from regular cubicles and ways to upgrade their skills. They want better support in the delivery of work. Majime brings transformation platform for enterprise and workers in the digital economy. Today's economy needs digital enterprise which needs digital platform supported by ecosystems on the demand side, supply side and partners in digital format to keep ahead of the pack


Enterprise of today is lacking the fundamental tools and services which will keep them competitive and efficient. On the other side, Worker productivity is declining along with wage rates. Work economy is suffering from

  1. Non-Collaboration with partners
  2. Lack of importance to outcomes
  3. Platform charges / Intermediary Margin is large
  4. Lack of access to top-class manpower


Majime is an integrated Innovation and Outsourcing Platform which brings Clients, Partners, Providers, Freelancers and Vendors in single space. The distributed and permission-based access to knowledge, asset and services of either side in a consensus-driven ecosystem building for the best of either side of the platform. The Majime platform solves the work economy issue by

  1. Making Collaboration among stakeholder blockchain based
  2. Contracts are vested with smart contracts for outcomes
  3. Work Delivery is efficient, fast and quick due to online labour with quality consensus
  4. Lesser platform charges mean more savings for enterprise and higher earning for Workers

Majime Architecture


A Unified platform for Blueprint to Execution

Managed platform
Frictionless on-boarding
Holistic security
Structured APIs
Analytic Insights


Work Execution and Validation platform for Workers

Ratified Wage Rates
Verified Skill levels
Instant Guidance for Work
Inbuilt Dispute Resolution
Worker Benefits Fund



Majime Platform


Majime in numbers

Abhishek Shankar


Kundan Kumar

Director Sales

Always behind the PnL. A veteran of marketing who crossed the sea to grasp Sales.

Siddhartha Shekhar Singh

Chief Strategy Officer

CFO, CXO StartX, Stanford University

Nimit Jain

Marketing Head

Saintly approach to marketing. Absolutely made for his job.

Akhilesh Singh

Head BlockChain

Breaker of Chains joined Blockchain. He loves contracts.

Yogendra singh

Tech Architect

I mean he mixes system thinking with UML and codes with pure indentation.

Jacqueline Purcell

Marketing Head

IPRA UK and Ireland Chapter Chair

Jessica Wong

Investment Head

CEO and Partner, Ganesh Ventures (Alibaba Fund)



Madhur Aggarwal

SVP and GM, SAP, New York

Nick Malaperiman

Group Marketing Director Virtuos

Mahesh Joshi

CEO at Vulcan Management

Sridhar Vedala

Head of Innovation - NameXceed

Felipe Teixeira

ICO Advisor, Founder BlockStorage

Javier Campos

CTO Aumenta Solutions SL

Manav Ailawadi

Consultant, Community Initiatives, CMO/COO at BlocksByBlocks

Akshay Aggarwal

Advisor, Blockchain, Strategy and Fund-raising, CEO at BlocksByBlocks

Krzysztof Karol Woźniak

Security Adviser

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